The University of California, Irvine's Arboretum has evolved and will see many exciting improvements during the coming months. The new role in the Ayala School of Biological Sciences and mission emphasis will be upon encouraging and assisting teaching and research. Although the facility will be closed to unscheduled public visitation, there will be an open house each quarter at which there will be public Arboretum and Marsh Tours, and during which researchers using the Arboretum will showcase their studies and research sites for the public. These events will be well publicized, posted on our website, and will be held during times of peak flowering in various of our exhibits, particularly the South African Bulb Garden and aloe exhibits.

Baja California Plant Communities

Some of the major community types found in southern California and adjacent Baja California are discussed in the following paragraphs. Several of these communities are well represented at the UCI Arboretum. In other cases, we are beginning to develop collections of these plants. In all cases, we are attempting to grow together those plants that occur together naturally. Our hope is to allow visitors and students to gain an idea of the diversity of community types found in this region.